Tools of the trade

Whether you’re cutting blooms from your own garden or giving your store bought bouquet a fresh cut, having the correct tools is essential for long lasting cut flowers. Florists use multiple tools depending on what they are cutting. Sharp floral clippers cut through stems without pinching them, which helps preserve the flower’s ability to take up water. Floral scissors are great for finer stems like cosmos or scabiosa. Most florists also use a sharp knife, particularly for cutting roses, stock and some other flowers to produce a clean cut. We recommend checking out some of the great tutorials on Youtube if you are unsure about safely using a knife.

We’re offering some of our go-to tools here, available for purchase singly or as a set for yourself or as a gift to a flower loving friend. They are all stainless steel, rust resistant and have soft-sided slip resistant handles.

Set of 3 – $60 or individually as priced below

Floral Scissors – $16
Floral Clippers – $32
Folding Knife – $18

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