Summer Specials

Check out the specials that we put together for the summer months. If you’re looking for fresh flower arrangements and bouquets, check our SUMMER ALBUM for some inspiration and to get an idea of what’s available. 

A month of flowerssummer edition – Prepared with all local blooms, this gift that keeps on giving starts with the first delivery of a gorgeous seasonal arrangement, with a gift certificate for three more bouquets, all for a special price of $225. That’s four $75 bouquets for the price of three. Includes one vase on the first delivery and three hand-tied bouquets to follow. Delivery fee is not included.

Tabletop Herb Garden – the perfect hostess gift for a backyard gathering. Now that we can start visiting each other again, why not consider this lush, fragrant and delicious gift to take to your next BBQ or pool party? The recipient will love harvesting from this planter all summer long, from a mix of herbs that will include oregano, thyme, sage, mint, parsley, lavender or rosemary. It can be placed in a sunny spot outdoors or near a bright kitchen window. 
12″ textured white pot with 5 herbs – $70
For custom planters of different sizes, please ask.

Calandiva – 6 inch plant in a beautiful textured white matte pot – $42 (pink or white flowers)

This fluffier cousin of the Kalanchoe plant has long lasting blooms that have 32 petals! It’s easy to care for, requiring minimal water and bright light. After 6-8 weeks of blooming, the spent flowers can be snipped off and with a little pruning the glossy green leaves of this plant can be quickly tidied up.

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