Roses for every occasion

There are hundreds of varieties of roses that are grown for the cut flower market, some for a particular colour or scent, others for their shape or long vase life. You can’t have everything, so sometimes one characteristic is sacrificed for another. Most good quality roses should last from 7-10 days. You may find that some garden roses or exceptionally big, open standard roses only last 5-6 days, but we hope you appreciate and enjoy them for what they are. We have our favourites and are happy to feature a few of them here. There are so many more, so if you’re looking for a particular colour or you know a variety by name, please ask and we will do our best to bring it in for you.

Pink X-Pression is a beautiful blush pink garden-like rose with a ruffled coral centre and loads of lightly scented petals.

Playa Blanca is pure white with a double-hearted centre. It has a medium-large bud size and has a very long vase life. Perfection.

Curiosity is a stunner with the softest butter yellow petals with hints of peach. It has a very large bud size with a garden-like shape.

Christa has an exceptionally large bud size and long vase life. This jaw dropping beauty goes from the most delicate pale pink on the outer edges to a pretty candy pink center.

Free Spirit is hard to describe. It’s kind of orange, kind of peach, kind of pink, kind of coral…all at the same time. Whatever it is, we love it!

Pink Floyd is our favourite hot pink rose. With a very large bud size, vibrant colour and long vase life, there is no wonder why it’s as popular as the band it was named after.

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