Funeral and Sympathy flowers

Ordering funeral flowers for a family member or sympathy flowers to a grieving family is tough. We are here to help you organize something beautiful to honour the life of a loved one or send a floral hug to someone who is experiencing loss. There are no right or wrong flowers. Some people prefer soft, serene tones of white, cream, palest pink or lavender, others want to capture the essence of the person they are honouring with vibrant, colourful blooms. For casket sprays and arrangements to accompany an urn, we will take whatever info you’d like to share – favourite colours, blooms, interests, hobbies, cultural background etc. Our funeral flowers are truly bespoke and we will work with you to create the perfect florals. For sympathy flowers, whether you are sending to a funeral home or church service or family member’s home, we can offer suggestions and will take your input to put together something to help you express your condolences.

Go to our FUNERAL/SYMPATHY album to see some beautiful arrangements.

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